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How Cloud Computing Can Add to Your Business’s Bottom Line

katherinedaisy on Technology - Small business owners are well aware that technology is becoming more important to their success:

Two-thirds of SMBs indicate technology is a primary factor in pursuing their business objectives; and
72 percent of SMB decision makers say that technology solutions can help them significantly improve business outcomes and run their businesses better.

While these numbers are significant, they don’t really get at how technology can help small businesses thrive. Nor do they address which technologies are the most critical to adopt in that effort.

However, if

Artificial Intelligence & machine learning

weetechsolution on Technology - Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence that serves the systems with an ability and capability to automatically learn and improve from experience. Machine Learning majorly focuses on the development of computer programs that extensively accesses the data and uses it for them.
Machine learning allows the software applications in becoming more accurate so as to correctly predict the outcomes.

Effective strategy from smoke testing to regression testing

weetechsolution on Technology - Popular as Build Verification Testing, Smoke testing is a software testing process based on non-exhaustive set of tests conducted with an objective of ensuring the working of the most important functions. This test is performed with a motive of assuring that the build can proceed further and is stable to perform well.

Smoke testing covers all the major functions of software but none of them are being observed in detail. Smoke Testing is performed manually or with the help of automation tools/scripts. The results of smoke testing are well documented.

Advantage of Alpha and Beta versions before going out live publicly

weetechsolution on Technology - Software Testing is considered to be the core element before actually launching the Software in the market. Testing of software beforehand makes you aware with the bugs software might face while working.

Errors found then can be corrected in order to avoid possibility of occurrence of problems during the real time and ensures that software will work properly.

User acceptance testing is one of the most essential types of testing software and it is further divided into two parts: Alpha and Beta Testin

Bitcoin is now officially accepted in Japan

weetechsolution on Technology - Bitcoin has now finally got the recognitions as a main currency along with the prevailing currencies. This has been made possible only because of the new law implemented in Japan which now considers Bitcoin under the option of legal payment.

April 1, 2017 was the day when Japan legally made this announcement. This decision made by the Japanese authorities is now helping the country to be placed as a driving force for bitcoin.

What Is The Customer Experience Cloud? - Solunus

katherinedaisy on Technology - It used to be that organizations had individual clouds for their marketing and sales efforts as a way to pull together data, with each cloud holding information for just one area of the company. But just like the customer journey is changing, so too is how we manage it. The big push now is the experience cloud, which brings together things like customer data, digital experience, and personalization to create an efficient, modern way to monitor and interact with customers.

Essentially, the experience cloud is the infrastructure that allows brands to create useful, smooth experiences for the

Behance - A platform to show case your designing skills

weetechsolution on Technology - Behance are popular as network of sites and services that is very effective in self promotion and is also useful in consultation and creating your portfolio online. It is developed and owned by Adobe Family. It is one of the leading online platforms which allow you to showcase and discover your creative work.

The developers get an access of updating their current work so as to broadcast and showcase it widely. Big companies gets and exposure to all their works based on which their talent is accessed on a global scale.

Business Intelligence and Analytics a needed tool

weetechsolution on Technology - Business Intelligence is used for computer technologies with the purpose of identification, discovery and analysing the business data including the products, costs, sales revenue and income. BI serves with varied softwares and services which then helps in the transformation of the data converting it into actionable intelligence that assists in taking the decisions pertaining to organizations strategy ad tactical business.
BI technologies provide the current, past and even future view of data that has been structured internally for the products and services of the firm. It also aids in organ

Slack a tool to better manage your projects and team

weetechsolution on Technology - Project management has now become a need of every business. With wide range of project management tools like Jira, Asana, Basecamp available in the market, the best one which has been found to be extremely useful and effective is Slack. Survey conducted in the mid-year 2017 stated that Slack has increased business’s productivity; there has been reduction in the use of email and also the need of conducting meetings has decreased.

Other proven facts of Slack stated that it has increased the internal transparency and company culture. All this has proclaimed Slack to be the best tool for man

Evolution of Swift in iOS Apps Development

weetechsolution on Technology - Objective C has been the king of the hearts of many developers. It evolved as a programming language and turned out to be the default programming language for Next-step, OS X and iOS. Towards future advancement Apple started working on Swift in the year 2010.

Swift was being developed with an objective of competing Objective C especially in certain aspects like type, safety, security and better on hardware performance. So finally Apple successfully launched Swift 1.0 in September 2014.

Testflight Best and effective tool for beta testing your iOS app

weetechsolution on Technology - TestFlight is exclusively available for iOS app developers and it enables the developer to submit their app to TestFlight in order to undergo the process of testing the app.

TestFlight allows the developers to invite various users who can test your app and can help you with the feedback before actually launching the app in the market. You are allowed to invite up to 10,000 testers with the help of their e-mail address.

Apple’s iPhone could soon Support Google’s Assistant AI

weetechsolution on Technology - Google will now get more recognition, as they have come up with an announcement of the digital assistant which is soon to be out for all the supported handsets powered by Marshmallow and Android Nougat.

This is considered to be a major move by Google and is expected to increase the market share before other market players plan on partnering with the manufacturers of the handsets to add their own AI on their respective products.