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Why AngularJS should be preferred for your next project

weetechsolution on Technology - As we all know the fact that the technology keeps on changing every single second. There are so many technological innovations developed and introduced every single day. Major change has been seen in the industry of Web Development.

The introduction of Angular JS among the JavaScript frameworks has does it all. Angular JS is a structural framework for dynamic web applications.

Smart & safe Initial Coin Offering cryptocurrency

NehaSaxena on Technology - Mazebits is the best Initial Coin Offering website 2018 which is now available in upcoming ICO list. It helps you to sale and purchase MZBC Coin as well as exchange this coin with Bitcoin Cryptocurrency with lowest exchange rate. Also you can buy and sell this coin into USD whenever you want.

Mazebits is the best Initial Coin Offering website 2018 which is now available in upcoming ICO list. It helps you to sale and purchase MZBC Coin as well as exchange this coin with Bitcoin Cryptocurrency with lowest exchange rate. Also you can buy and sell this coin into USD whenever you want

The know-how of a Viable Content Management System

weetechsolution on Technology - CMS is set of programs or software developed with the purpose of creating and managing the digital content. CMS is useful for management of business content and also the website content.

It gives all the required capabilities and allowances to the users to manage their data, content or any other information pertaining to website project or internet application in the most effective way.

CMS majorly helps in managing the content accurately. The aspects looked up in Content Management by CMS covers creating, editing, archiving, publishing, and collaborating on, reporting, distributing we

Copper Sulfate|Feed Grade Copper Sulphate|FOSHAN YANGXING CHEMCIAL CO.,LTD

coppersulphatesolution on Technology - Authorized in the market as one of the recognized name, we are immediately swore in offering a perfect quality social affair of Feed Grade Copper Sulfate. Open in moved packaging decisions, these offered chemicals are especially lauded and recognized in the market for their resolute quality and watertight packaging. Plus, these things are given to our customers at to a great degree sensible expenses

Samsung gear - New Gear Manager App to Rule Them All

weetechsolution on Technology - The Samsung Gear Application gives you an access to establish a connection with your Samsung Gear Device to your mobile. All the features, settings, applications can be easily used and installed through Samsung Gear Apps. The update in this app has taken place in a short duration of time.

The last update was experienced in the month of November and within just 3 months gap, the next update is here. Google has clearly specified the changes but did not mention much about the fixation in the bug or improvements in the performances.

Significance of UX design in Minimum Viable Product

weetechsolution on Technology - Currently, the User Experience working on Minimum Viable Product build is quite rough. The thought process related to MVP needs to be changed and it is important that everyone should be made aware with what good UX is all about.
The purpose of MVP builds is different. The purpose served by MVP builds varies compared to what is being served by full builds.

Facebook will obtain biometric ID verification startup :

weetechsolution on Technology - The tech giant Facebook has acquired biometric ID verification startup This technology has been developed with the purpose of helping the people who have been locked out of their accounts. As Facebook is on the verge of completely absorbing it possibly will shut down as this technology will be utilised by Facebook. has managed to raise good amount of money from the investors since it has launched. is a boston-based company and was indulged in developing and offering an API which helped other companies in verifying someone’s government issued i

Google Play hit record 19 billion+ downloads in Q4 2017

weetechsolution on Technology - There has been a great increase in the number of applications in the market. With so many options available in the market, people have got an ease in deciding the right type of application as per their need.

This has rapidly increased the downloads of the application and especially there has been a tremendous downloads of games app. People are now fond of downloading various games and other applications in their smartphones.

Apple could be redesigning the iBooks app

weetechsolution on Technology - Apple is always working on improvising their products so as to serve users with better experience. For past few months Apple has been working on iBooks.

Apple observed that the iBooks available on the iPhones, iPads and Macs are not working accurately and are lacking in having appropriate interface and also the navigation is not satisfactory for the ebook store. Apple worked on these drawbacks and now they have made certain changes with these iBooks.

Dell,Hp,Lenovo Laptop Repair Center in Hyderabad

vintech on Technology - Vintech computers optimizes and keep up-to-date your computers and laptops other IT hardware for today’s fast changing technology.
Vintech Computers provides professional IT, Computers, and Laptop repairs both inbound and onsite in Hyderabad and surrounding areas.We have 10 years’ experience in computer repair business, we at Vintech Computers pride ourselves in offering the excellent customer service in the industry all the time.

Improve UX With These 5 Classic Storytelling Techniques

weetechsolution on Technology - Listening to stories has always been the most favourite task of all of us since our childhood. Stories mesmerize us to a extent that we are lost in some other world forgetting about our existence in the real world. Stories grab the attention of an individual effectively and ensure to keep complete hold of it.

Stories have the power to deliver the message in the right way. When you are designing some mobile or web apps, ensure to make it more effective by injecting UX Storytelling and this will ultimately lead to engage users easily by creating a memorable experience for them.

Call +1 (855)241-6700 to Fix Email issues through Apple Support Email

noval on Technology - Apple Inc. is a multinational company located in California, United States. They are developing and selling many consumer products such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, software, online services and much more. They have a wide range of Apple products like smartphones, computers, laptops, smartwatch, media players and more. Apple IOS and MacOS operating system, Safari web browser, iTunes media player, some productivity, and creativity suit like iWork and iLife etc. They provide a strong Internet security on each Mac computer. They also provide some online services, which include iCloud, A