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Server Load Balancing and Server Load Balancer

avanuweb on Technology - Server load balancing is the process of evenly distributing multiple user requests across a all servers by supporting an organization's network. It is a method for improving the availability and performance of software applications that are run across multiple servers. This traffic optimization method get implemented effectively by allowing users in a variety of locations access to given information and applications without dull response times or failed connections. Server load balancing is especially important for mission critical applications that handle a high volume of requests.
When you

Network Traffic Manager | Application Delivery Controller

avanuweb on Technology - It improve availability of critical applications
Network Traffic Manager delivers high availability for your applications by monitoring your endpoints and providing automatic failover when an endpoint goes down.
It improve responsiveness for high-performance applications
It allows you to run cloud services or websites in datacenters located around the world. Network Traffic Manager improves application responsiveness by directing traffic to the endpoint with the lowest network latency for the client.
It perform service maintenance without downtime
Now we can perform planned maintenance

The Google app’s new personalised feed might just drag you off Facebook

weetechsolution on Technology - Google finally got paid for their efforts. Google has now announced the launch of personalised feed section in the google app which is under the process of redesigning. Google was limited to only mobile search apps which were featured with location based news, weather reports and sports but now Google is at a stage where it has finally managed to bring a major change in the feed taking it towards personalisation.

The feed is more focused on user’s interactions with the Google. It will also make you aware of what’s going around you in the world. Advancement in the machine learning algorithm

Best SEO Service provider in Faridabad- iweb

junaid12 on Technology - On the off chance that you are searching for SEO organizations Delhi, you have gone to the perfect place. Situated in the core of Faridabad iwebtechnologies a standout amongst other SEO organizations in Delhi NCR.We have a gathering of extremely experienced and qualified SEO specialists who reliably remain revived with the latest SEO examples and progressions as our point is to give our clients the best

Not at all like other SEO organizations Delhi, our business operations and customers are not constrained by our land area. Our portfolio incorporates customers from the US, UK and Australia

How Technology is Transforming the Healthcare Sector

huldaechave on Technology - How technology is transforming the healthcare sector

Technology is revolutionising most industries – healthcare included. In one aspect, the digital revolution is forcing the healthcare sector to provide better service – a three-day wait to see a doctor fails to meet customers’ new 24/7 service expectations. The use of technology in healthcare also has higher-level benefits, with the potential to improve patient care and employee productivity, as well as make Australians healthier. However, digital transformation doesn’t come without challenges.

I recently sat down with Susan Collins, V

Bitcoin reaches the new mark | WeeTech Solution Pvt Ltd

weetechsolution on Technology - The news which is running high these days says, Bitcoin has crossed 5000 USD and has established a new height in the market. Prices have increased tremendously from 4900 USD to over 5800 USD in the unbelievable time gap of just one day.

Bitcoin was in its worse condition when it had to face a low of around 3000 USD which was due to the withdrawal of China on the cryptocurrency exchange. But Bitcoin somehow managed to get back its value and gain recognition in the market again.

Bitcoin bounced back with a new high. Bitcoin has gained an excess of 400 % in the year 2017, due to which Ye

iphone application development company | iphone app developer

advik94 on Technology - Hakuna Matata is one of the international leaders in app development industry. Since 2006 Hakuna Matata has worked with international whole leaders and innovative startups to deliver the productive product. Our developers tend to earn experience by building 400+ best applications and serving over 300+ purchasers of around the globe. Hakuna Matata is one of the fastest growing Mobile and Web app design and development company structured to optimize the most appropriate blend of services. Hakuna Matata helps clients to get develop supreme quality apps which can help them stand out in the app m

Website Development company in Jaipur | Affordable Website Development serv

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Top Magento App Development Company For Ecommerce Store

magento-mobile-app on Technology - OnGoBuyo stands atop the leading cheap Magento app development companies, delivering quality solutions without compromising the quality and user experience.

Hire a professional android Magento app developer to turn your web store into a fully-functional native Magento mobile app with advanced features to sell more.

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Salesforce Rolls out New Marketing Cloud Integration with Facebook

huldaechave on Technology - bezel-manipulated-hmg.png

Salesforce is rolling out a new Marketing Cloud integration with Facebook that aims to help businesses take advantage of Facebook's B2B digital advertising channel.

It's called Salesforce Lead Analytics for Facebook, and as the name suggests, it lets marketers measure the effectiveness of targeted ad campaigns. The system can pull engagement stats from Facebook, Instagram and the Facebook Audience Network and create performance visualizations against key marketing automation metrics.

Previously, marketers have only been able to capture customer information f

Salesforce takes another shot at IoT - Solunus Cloud Solutions

huldaechave on Technology - Everyone wants a piece of the Internet of Things, and why not? If predictions come to fruition, there are going to be billions and billions of devices and sensors broadcasting information at us by 2020, and someone has to make sense of it and point us to the data that matters. Salesforce wants to be that company (or at least one of them).

Salesforce has never been shy about jumping on the latest tech bandwagon, whether it’s big data, artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things. In fact, Salesforce was talking about IoT long before most companies with an announcement of a Salesforce I

Twitter opens up the limits – Now you can post up to 280 characters

weetechsolution on Technology - Twitter tweet length is quite frustrating for the users. But no more irritating because of twitter tweet character limit increasing up to 280 which is double of what used to be previously. So, you can easily expression your thought well.
Twitter has taken a step ahead to undergo a big change in defining itself. Twitter tweet character limit increasing up to 280 which are double of what used to be previously. This change has proven to be effective step to attract its users as now they are able to express themselves well. Previously when people were suppose to put their thoughts into just 140