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Product Feature This 600V SOOW Cable can be an ideal wire and cable products used in the power system mainly include overhead bare wires, bus bars, power cables (plastic cables, oil-paper cables , and branch cables. (Replaces some busbars), magnet wires, and electrical equipment, wire and cable for power equipment.To meet the requirements of different and convenient equipment and reduce equipment costs, there are various kinds of size options, thus providing more choices to meet need. Compared with ordinary cable on the market, our 600V SOOW Cable is really easy for use and there is no special need of maintaining. Product Description This 600V SOOW Cable is specifically designed to provide high flexibility and have the capacity to withstand weather, oils/ greases, mechanical and thermal stresses. Due to the high performance, it plays an important role in handling equipment, mobile power supplies, worksites, stage and audio visual equipment, port areas and dams. On the other hand, it is also suitable for fixed installations on plaster, temporary buildings and residential barracks and for use in drainage and water treatment, cold environments and severe industrial environments. In a direct current system, the max operating voltage is Uo/U 619/1238 volts. If in a fixed or protected installation Uo/U is 600/1000 volts. These cables are resistant to flame, acids, and oil penetration. TECHNICAL PARAMETER of AWGNo. of Cores xNominalNominalNominal OverallNominalNominal Nominal CrossThicknessThicknessDiameterCopperWeight Sectional Areaof Insulationof Sheathmm (min-max)Weight銆€ No. x mm虏mmmm銆€kg/kmkg/km 17(32/32)2x10.81.37.7-101989 17(32/32)3x10.81.48.3-10.729111 17(32/32)4x10.81.59.2-11.938146 16(30/30)1 x 16(30/30)2 x 16(30/30)3 x 16(30/30)4 x 16(30/30)5 x 16(30/30)7 x 16(30/30)12 x 16(30/30)19 x 16(30/30)24 x 14(50/30)1 x 14(50/30)2 x 14(50/30)3 x 14(50/30)4 x 14(50/30)5 x 2.50.9213.3-17.0120345 14(50/30)7 x 14(50/30)12 x 14(50/30)19 x 14(50/30)24 x 12(56/28)1x411.57.2-9.03899 12(56/28)2x411.811.8-15.177270 12(56/28)3x411.912.7-16.2115320 12(56/28)4x41214.0-17.9154395 12(56/28)5x412.215.6-19.9192485 12(56/28)7x413.118.2-21.8269681 10(84/28)1x611.67.9-9.858130 10(84/28)3x612.114.1-18.0173495 10(84/28)4x612.315.7-20.0230610 10(84/28)5x61.23.617.5-22.2288760 8(80/26)1 x 8(80/26)3 x 101.23.319.1-24.2288880 8(80/26)4 x 101.23.420.9-26.53841060 8(80/26)5 x 101.23.622.9-29.14801300 6(128/26)1 x 161.21.910.8-13.4154320 6(128/26)3 x 161.23.521.8-27.64611090 6(128/26)4 x 161.23.623.8-30.16141345 6(128/26)5 x 161.23.926.4-33.37681680 4(200/26)1 x251.4212.7-15.8240450 4(200/26)4 x 4(200/26)5 x 251.44.432.0-40.412002470 2(280/26)1 x 351.42.214.3-17.9336605 2(280/26)3 x 351.44.129.3-37.110081900 2(280/26)4 x 351.44.432.5-41.113442645 2(280/26)5 x 351.44.737.0-45.016802810 1(400/26)1 x 501.62.416.5-20.6480825 1(400/26)4 x 501.64.837.7-47.519203635 1(400/26)5 x 501.65.140.0-50.824004050 2/0(356/24)1 x 701.62.618.6-23.36721090 2/0(356/24)4 x 701.65.242.7-54.026884830 3/0(485/24)1 x 951.82.820.8-26.09121405 3/0(485/24)4 x 951.85.948.4-61.036486320 4/0(614/24)1 x 1201.8322.8-28.611521746 4/0(614/24)4 x 1201.8653.0-66.046086830 300MCM(765/24)1 x 15023.225.2-31.414401887 300MCM(765/24)4 x 15026.458.0-73.057608320 350MCM(944/24)1 x 1852.23.427.6-34.417762274 350MCM(944/24)4 x1852.26.864.0-80.071049800 500MCM(1221/24)1 x 2402.43.530.6-38.323.42956 500MCM(1221/24)4 x 2402.4772.0-90.0921612100 -1 x 3002.63.633.5-41.928803479 China LV Rubber Cable website: