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Metallographic Grinding And Polishing Machine

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P-1 metallographic polising machine Mainfeatures: During metallographic sample preparation, polishing is primary. After polishing grinded samples , we can get very bright surface like mirror. P-1was designed after collecting many customers’ suggestions .P-1 operates steadily in low noise ,and easily to use and maintain. The size of the polishing wheel and the transmission power are bigger than other products in china .P-1 can adjust to all kinds of materials polishing work. Specifications: Polishing wheel diameter220mm Rotate speed1400r/min(900r/min custom-made) ElectromotorYS7116 0.2KW 380V 50HZ(220V 50HZ custom-made) Dimension470*370*370mm Weight15kgMetallographic Grinding And Polishing Machine website: