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GameKeysSale - global digital marketplace that sells game keys with instant delivery 24/7. Great deals on Steam, Origin,, Xbox, PSN cd-keys and much more! Website:

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Forum link building service

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Professional website promotion, developing your website, increase traffic, improve ranking, more links more visiors more customers! Read more:

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Plywood Trimming Saw

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Our History Shandong Yuequn Machinery Co.,Ltd. is an integrated enterprise which specialized in research and development, production and sales of the wood-based panel machinery equipment. Shandong Yuequn Machinery Co.,Ltd. founded in February 1994, after years of unremitting efforts, the scale of enterprise keep growing and become a famous professional plywood machinery manufacturer. The products include log debarker, veneer peeling machine,automatic veneer stacker, veneer dryer, veneer composer ,glue spreader, cold press machine , hot press machine ,automatic edge cutting saw and so on. At the same time, these machines have been awarded many national patents and also with CE .ISO certifications. All the Yuequn machines are for exporting, and as one of the earliest factories enters and exports to Europe and American market. Yuequn owns a high-quality technology R & D and production team, a number of middle and high level engineers, strict quality inspection and supervision system. We adhere the high starting point machinery design, high quality requirements, high standard services and strive to use cutting-edge technology and humanistic services, to create a world-class brand. We hope our products can create new miracles for the development of your career! We look forward to long-term cooperation with you sincerely! Plywood Trimming Saw website:

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Garden Planter supplier

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Our Company Shenyang Win star plastic Co., ltd has devoted themselves in recycled plastic field. Integrating development, design, production and sell together. With 20 years continuous efforts, which gives full play advantages of recycled plastic lumber such as waterproof銆乤nti-corrosion銆乶ot brittle銆乤nti-aging銆乴ong life used of recycled plastic, to develop and launch a series of new recycled plastic. ExtrePlas庐 plastic lumber produced by Winstar, which adopts 90% minimum recycled PE, 100% recycled, which not only consumes the plastic garbage, but also replaces the usages of wood and WPC. It alleviates the white pollution of the earth and saves the natural resources of wood. Owns to a rare and environmentally friendly product that can be recycled. Winstar had won 13 patents, with advanced technology, products had passed ISO9001 and being the only enterprise meets ASTM standard in Asia. The products had been exported to many countries and gained highly trust and praise.Garden Planter supplier website:

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Frosted Airpods Case

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Our History Dongguan Sway Composite Products Co., Ltd, it was established in 2012 with an initial investment of 10 million RMB and was located in Qing town, Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China. It occupies floor area of 3000 square feet. It specialized in development of composite materials reinforced by kevlar. Sway is the leader of the composite products 6D forming technology with the highest efficiency in China. Our Factory We have patented technology for forming with self-invented equipment. Also, it is a high-tech enterprises in DongGuan, China. Basically, with the materials of any type of Kevlar and Wood, natural bamboo, we can develop & produce a wide range of products. Besides the mobile phone protective cases, you can find some more examples of products which are typically usage of our materials development, from USB connecting line, Keyboard, Headphone to Automotive etc. It is your imagination the boundary of our possibilities. Our Product Kevlar phone case, carbon fiber phone case, bamboo phone case, kevlar battery cover, kevlar data cable, carbon fiber cover. Product Application With "bamboo, tree, cloth, Kevlar, carbon fiber, glass fiber" as the base material, through independent research and development equipment, materials, process, using the company's patented molding technology, successfully create a "high strength, ultra-thin, ultra-light, non-radiation, green environmental protection" high-tech sheath products, widely used in 3C, automobile, furniture and other industries. Our Certificate ISO9001 quality system certification, UL certification, Certification of patent. Production Equipment Production Market The main products have kevlar mobile phone case, carbon fiber phone case, mobile phone case of bamboo, wooden cases, cases and other electronic products series, the products have been exported to the United States, the European Union, Russia, southeast Asia and other countries and regions of the world, in collaboration with a number of well-known global mobile phone makers, production iphone8, iphoneX, iphoneXS, iphone XR, iphone XS Mas, such as Samsung mobile phone case, widely favored by domestic and foreign customers love and favor. Our Service Pre-sales: detailed introduction of product performance, characteristics, appearance, use method. For sale: use pictures and text to introduce the use method and matters needing attention. After-sales service: regularly visit customers' usage status, investigate customer satisfaction, understand customer experience and other requirements.Frosted Airpods Case website:

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Fused Silica Sand

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Henan Ruiheng New Material Co. Ltd., is manufacturer and exporter of refractory and abrasive raw materials. Located in the base of Aluminum in China, we take the advantage of geographical location in the production of Alumina products such as White Fused Alumina and Brown Fused Alumina. After more than 10 years of steady development, we have become a comprehensive enterprise integrating research, production and international trade. Adhering to 鈥渃ustomer first, quality foremost鈥?concept, the company has gained good reputation worldwide and regular customers from more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Hoping for your visit and valuable advice!Fused Silica Sand website:

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China LV Rubber Cable

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Product Feature This 600V SOOW Cable can be an ideal wire and cable products used in the power system mainly include overhead bare wires, bus bars, power cables (plastic cables, oil-paper cables , and branch cables. (Replaces some busbars), magnet wires, and electrical equipment, wire and cable for power equipment.To meet the requirements of different and convenient equipment and reduce equipment costs, there are various kinds of size options, thus providing more choices to meet need. Compared with ordinary cable on the market, our 600V SOOW Cable is really easy for use and there is no special need of maintaining. Product Description This 600V SOOW Cable is specifically designed to provide high flexibility and have the capacity to withstand weather, oils/ greases, mechanical and thermal stresses. Due to the high performance, it plays an important role in handling equipment, mobile power supplies, worksites, stage and audio visual equipment, port areas and dams. On the other hand, it is also suitable for fixed installations on plaster, temporary buildings and residential barracks and for use in drainage and water treatment, cold environments and severe industrial environments. In a direct current system, the max operating voltage is Uo/U 619/1238 volts. If in a fixed or protected installation Uo/U is 600/1000 volts. These cables are resistant to flame, acids, and oil penetration. TECHNICAL PARAMETER of AWGNo. of Cores xNominalNominalNominal OverallNominalNominal Nominal CrossThicknessThicknessDiameterCopperWeight Sectional Areaof Insulationof Sheathmm (min-max)Weight銆€ No. x mm虏mmmm銆€kg/kmkg/km 17(32/32)2x10.81.37.7-101989 17(32/32)3x10.81.48.3-10.729111 17(32/32)4x10.81.59.2-11.938146 16(30/30)1 x 16(30/30)2 x 16(30/30)3 x 16(30/30)4 x 16(30/30)5 x 16(30/30)7 x 16(30/30)12 x 16(30/30)19 x 16(30/30)24 x 14(50/30)1 x 14(50/30)2 x 14(50/30)3 x 14(50/30)4 x 14(50/30)5 x 2.50.9213.3-17.0120345 14(50/30)7 x 14(50/30)12 x 14(50/30)19 x 14(50/30)24 x 12(56/28)1x411.57.2-9.03899 12(56/28)2x411.811.8-15.177270 12(56/28)3x411.912.7-16.2115320 12(56/28)4x41214.0-17.9154395 12(56/28)5x412.215.6-19.9192485 12(56/28)7x413.118.2-21.8269681 10(84/28)1x611.67.9-9.858130 10(84/28)3x612.114.1-18.0173495 10(84/28)4x612.315.7-20.0230610 10(84/28)5x61.23.617.5-22.2288760 8(80/26)1 x 8(80/26)3 x 101.23.319.1-24.2288880 8(80/26)4 x 101.23.420.9-26.53841060 8(80/26)5 x 101.23.622.9-29.14801300 6(128/26)1 x 161.21.910.8-13.4154320 6(128/26)3 x 161.23.521.8-27.64611090 6(128/26)4 x 161.23.623.8-30.16141345 6(128/26)5 x 161.23.926.4-33.37681680 4(200/26)1 x251.4212.7-15.8240450 4(200/26)4 x 4(200/26)5 x 251.44.432.0-40.412002470 2(280/26)1 x 351.42.214.3-17.9336605 2(280/26)3 x 351.44.129.3-37.110081900 2(280/26)4 x 351.44.432.5-41.113442645 2(280/26)5 x 351.44.737.0-45.016802810 1(400/26)1 x 501.62.416.5-20.6480825 1(400/26)4 x 501.64.837.7-47.519203635 1(400/26)5 x 501.65.140.0-50.824004050 2/0(356/24)1 x 701.62.618.6-23.36721090 2/0(356/24)4 x 701.65.242.7-54.026884830 3/0(485/24)1 x 951.82.820.8-26.09121405 3/0(485/24)4 x 951.85.948.4-61.036486320 4/0(614/24)1 x 1201.8322.8-28.611521746 4/0(614/24)4 x 1201.8653.0-66.046086830 300MCM(765/24)1 x 15023.225.2-31.414401887 300MCM(765/24)4 x 15026.458.0-73.057608320 350MCM(944/24)1 x 1852.23.427.6-34.417762274 350MCM(944/24)4 x1852.26.864.0-80.071049800 500MCM(1221/24)1 x 2402.43.530.6-38.323.42956 500MCM(1221/24)4 x 2402.4772.0-90.0921612100 -1 x 3002.63.633.5-41.928803479 China LV Rubber Cable website:

China Vehicle Hoist Avatar

China Vehicle Hoist

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Both of the overground installation type and the underground installation type can lift a car not over 3000 kg. If you want to drive the car directly to the platform without a ramp, then the underground installation type is recommended. Model No.PSL30-110P PSL30-330G Lifting Capacity30003000 Max Lifting Height1850mm2030mm Platform Length1500-2080mm1550-1850mm Platform Width640mm550mm Overall Size(1500-2080) * 2080 * 110mm (L*W*H)(1550-1850) * 1900 * 330mm (L*W*H) Lock ReleasePneumatic ReleasePneumatic Release Air Pressure0.4mpa0.4mpa Hydraulic Pressure20mpa20mpa Min Height110mm330mm Rise/Drop Time60-50s60-50s VoltageAs per your local standardAs per your local standard Motor2.2kw3.0kw Weight960kg740kg Installation TypeOn the groundIn a pitChina Vehicle Hoist website:

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wholesale Optical Keyboard

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S170 Title: RGB Optical Gaming PC Keyboard RGB Optical Gaming PC Keyboard is with lightning fast precision and an exclusive, revolutionary switch design blends the speed and precision of optical technology with a premium tactile stroke. It provides the ultimate combo of satisfying key-feel with precise and accurate execution - all housed in a sleek aluminum alloy frame. Features: 1. Light Strike Optical Switches: when the game is on the line, every millisecond and millimeter counts. Featuring optical key switch technology for zero digital latency and fastest key response for competitive gaming. 2. Illumine RGB: Vivid, clear RGB backlighting that won't distract you from your gaming sessions. Choose from different colors for per-key backlighting. 3. Premium Build Quality: Brushed aluminum alloy, anti-slip support, and liquid artery drainage system lets you keep your keyboard in tip-top condition no matter how long you've had it. 4. Water Resistant: This keyboard uses a nano-coating layer that is highly resistant to spills, splashes, and spouses. In extreme cases you can you can pop the switches out individually for more thorough cleaning (sodas, sugary drinks). 5. Quality Every Press: Top to bottom build with key caps that won't rub off from long gaming sessions. Each key lasts over 50 million press - that's 66.6% more than mechanical switches. Specification: SizeL437XW148XH39InterfaceUSB SwitchBlue SwitchCurrent< 250mA Key Life鈮?50 MillionTypeWired Optical BacklightRGBCable1.8m (Braid Cable With Gold-Plated Connector) Keys Section3 Sections (104 Keys)Customized Item Or NoYes.wholesale Optical Keyboard website:

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Customized Prefabricated House

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Our History As the sales department for overseas market of Henan Dongrui Steel Structure Engineering Co.,Ltd, Luoyang Dorian New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd was set up in 2017. The company had more than 10 experienced team members including 5 professional designers for international market. Our products were delivered to the Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and other countries during the past two years. Our Factory Henan Dongrui Steel Structure Engineering Co.,LTD located in Yibin District, Luoyang City, Henan Province which covered around 300 acres with 40000 squared meters modern workshop and advanced facilities. DongRui is focusing on Design, RD, Producing & assembly for steel workshop, steel warehouse, prefabricated house, steel livestock breeding house, steel planting house etc.. During the past 30 years, Dongrui participated in many important steel structure's design&assembly for domestic market like TIANTANG&MINGTANG view spot and YINGTIANMEN view spot in Luoyang City, workshop for Chinese High Speed Train, Restaurant&Library for many universities, etc.. Our Product Steel structure workshop, steel structure warehouse, steel structure house, steel structure vehicle garage, steel structure chicken house, steel structure pig&cow shed, prefabricated house, steel structure swimming stadium, steel structure sales center, steel structure vehicle 4S shop, steel structure gas station. Product Application Industrial use, home use, commercial use, agriculture use, infrastructure use Production Equipment Cutting machine, drilling machine, welding machine, spray machine Production Market Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, etc. Our Service Our sales team and designers can offer you the quick reply with the professional drawing and reasonable price according to customer's request. The skilled workers will monitor the whole production process closely to insure the quality of your products. In the meantime, our steady professional assembly engineer team will come to you country and assist with your assembly work if you have this request. Customized Prefabricated House website: website2:

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Metallographic Grinding And Polishing Machine

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P-1 metallographic polising machine Mainfeatures: During metallographic sample preparation, polishing is primary. After polishing grinded samples , we can get very bright surface like mirror. P-1was designed after collecting many customers’ suggestions .P-1 operates steadily in low noise ,and easily to use and maintain. The size of the polishing wheel and the transmission power are bigger than other products in china .P-1 can adjust to all kinds of materials polishing work. Specifications: Polishing wheel diameter220mm Rotate speed1400r/min(900r/min custom-made) ElectromotorYS7116 0.2KW 380V 50HZ(220V 50HZ custom-made) Dimension470*370*370mm Weight15kgMetallographic Grinding And Polishing Machine website:

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China Electric Pressure Cooker

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Product Details: Nameelectric pressure cooker power cooker TypeMechanical type MaterialStainless Steel 201# Functions8 multiple safety protections Place of originChina Product Features: 1.Classic european appearance,high-end&decent. 2.Large LED display screen&The newest IMD technology control panel 3.Large anti-blocking cover,ensuring security. 4.Double pressure switch control,the machine more safety and stability 5.High quality non-stick coating inner pot,durable&solid Product Advantage: 1.We have many years of production experience and proven technique to supply OEM/ ODM service for many well-know brands customers. 2. Good management system and quality control system to win customers recognition and trust 3.We adhere to market demand as the guidance for a long time,and technological progress as the motive,sparkplug green healthy living with "HONESTY, QUALITY, INNOVATE and SERVICE" by objectives, we expect to cooperate with the global customers to create the future together. Usage Occasions: FAQ: 1. We'd like to print our logo on the appliances. Can you make it? We provide OEM service which including logo printing, gift box design and carton design. 2. Shall we pay extral cost for OEM service? The OEM service are totally free of charge if quantity above 1*40HQ. 3. How about the delivery time? 30 - 45 days after the receipt of deposit and confirmation on all designs based of normal condition. 4. Can I get discount from buying your goods? As everybody knows that the price depends on the quantity. We will automatically making discount to our regular customer.. 5. I'd like to know your payment way. Basically, the payment way is T/T or irrevocable L/C at sight.China Electric Pressure Cooker website: