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Antalya Holiday Tour Packages from India

suraj57 1362 days ago on News - Antalya has become one of the most popular holiday resorts of Turkey with crystal clear waters on the Mediterranean coast. Antalya city center lies between cliffs on the south coast and Taurus mountains on the north. Antalya has an ideal climate throughout the year, however it can be very hot in Summers, especially in August.

30 years ago the holiday resorts of Marmaris and Bodrum were unheard of and these small towns were really just local fishing villages. But with the love affair of cheap holiday deals with us Brits, it wasn't long before we wanted to explore further afield. Especially as charter flights were becoming cheaper and cheaper and holidaying abroad becoming essential for most Brits. Bodrum and Marmaris have now become synonymous with any of the Spanish Costas that the British traveler frequented, and many a bar visit in the September promoted it further by word of mouth and great reviews.

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