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knovos on Technology - Legal industry’s evolution is impacted by numerous factors, the changing modes of communication and digitization of records are two of the most significant factors. Corporations and Government Agencies are no longer relying on heavy paper trails. All the sensitive information including trade secrets have been stored in digital form and that is the reason attorneys and legal team have to find evidence from digital data in the event of litigation or disputes. Almost all the litigation requires eDiscovery nowadays. Choosing the right eDiscovery Software is very important for any law firms and in-house legal department as well.
eDiscovery software with AI-driven auto-tagging feature and advanced analytics really make sense. Many eDiscovery vendors including Knovos have started offering eDiscovery technology on Pay-per-use model. eZReview, Knovos’ end-to-end eDiscovery software acts as a one-stop solution capable of handling all the activities from Data processing to document review to production. Our cloud-based eDiscovery solution is the best fit for organizations and law firms irrespective of their size and complexity of matters.

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