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Sibu Eye Cream: Perfect Option to Protect the Area Around

corrado25 1017 days ago on News - Do you know that the initial signs of stress and aging show their first impact on your face? The area around our eyes is quite vulnerable and constant regular care is needed to keep it healthy. It is very important to take due care with proper nutrients intake to enjoy bright, youthful, even texture of skin.
You all would be glad to read that Sibu-world famous beauty product company have launched brand new product that protects the area around your eyes from aging and other problems. This age-defying eye cream from Sibu is prepared naturally to gently support the delicate skin surrounding your eyes. The presence of sea buckthorn oil and pumpkin seeds not only protects skin from environmental damage plus keeps the skin firm too. Its regular use keeps the fine lines refined. The regular use of Sibu eye cream soothes sun-damaged skin in a great way. The botanical blend of natural ingredients in this cream leaves skin around your eyes soft, rejuvenated and smooth.
Sibu eye cream is a rich cruciferous blend of natural ingredients. It is highly rich in plant based antioxidants. Its regular use provides long lasting hydration effects on skin. Person of any skin type can make use of this age defying eye cream from Sibu brand. This eye cream has an intrinsic sunscreen of SPF 8 due to the UV-blocking abilities of the various ingredients. This amazing eye cream from Sibu is much more effective than regular facial cream as the skin remains moisturized and soft for several hours even after its application.

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