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gsstechnology on Entertainment - download movies with no per-download fees.

Create your own video cd's and dvd's playable on your home dvd player or your computer. No special computer equipment is required, all you need is your PC running any version of Windows, a CD-R drive, and a fast Internet connection (56k at least, dsl or cable recommended). You will have full access to unlimited movie downloads. If you are a bit sceptical - that is normal.. But this is 100% true!

A New Approach To Asset Finance In The UK

gsstechnology on Finance - Maxxia is a provider of enterprise-wide asset finance solutions to the public and private sector in the UK. It has significant expertise in vehicle leasing and fleet management, IT lifecycle management and general asset financing. With a focus on transparency and collaboration with customers, Maxxia creates finance solutions that meet the individual objectives of an organisation.