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The apocalypse of dating apps | WeeTech Solution Pvt Ltd

weetechsolution 278 days ago on News

https://www.weetechsolution.com - Online Dating Service has been quite popular terms amongst all of us especially the young ones who are single and looking to date someone. Online Dating is a process over the internet where the strangers get to meet new people so as to try their luck in making personal connection with them.
There are certain companies who have been providing these types of services. They offer lot of options for making a perfect match based on the profiles.

Send money to your buddies using PayPal on Messenger

weetechsolution 287 days ago on News

https://www.weetechsolution.com - PayPal has now introduced a new feature where it enables to send and receive payments from peer-to-peer ever the Facebook messenger. This will make it easier for the friends and family to exchange money avoiding all the hustle and bustle.

Payment in integration with the messenger also included PayPal’s first customer service bot which is helpful in managing the queries of the customers.

Android Oreo and it’s new features | WeeTech Solution Pvt Ltd

weetechsolution 294 days ago on News

https://www.weetechsolution.com - Android 8.0 Oreo is the latest version of Google’s Platform which has been launched in the month of August. The software is accessible now on Google’s Pixel and Nexus devices but soon it is sure to be launched in the other manufacturers like Samsung, LG Sony, HTC and Motorola.

Android 8.0 Orea is a developed version of Android it has got lot of features, is considered to be stable and functional.

Best practices for social media marketing | WeeTech Solution Pvt Ltd

weetechsolution 301 days ago on News

https://www.weetechsolution.com - Social Media now a days has become the best platform to market your products ensuring its reach to vast population. Marketers when launch their products always have a wish that they should be seen and trusted by the audiences.

And with Social Media creating a hype in the world, many Marketers have admitted that majority of their customer’s market is on social media.

Top 5 do’s and dont’s to achieve success as a startup founder

weetechsolution 303 days ago on News

https://www.weetechsolution.com - The journey of a startup can turn out to be fruitful only if you are aware with the proceedings as in what needs to be done and what should be avoided while you grow your startup in the market. Looking at the journey of other start-ups, many of those looks all glamorous easy to go types. But the actual phase is not so.

Start up journey is filled with sleepless nights, stress of handling lot of responsibility of your employees, customers and investors at the same time. The Startup journey is such that it can crush down the spirit and can bring down all the optimism.

Technical leader – Roles and Responsibilities

weetechsolution 314 days ago on News

https://www.weetechsolution.com - Software Development is a long process and involves many people who altogether complete the entire process successfully. Software Development Process comprises of Team of Senior Developer.

Architect, Team Lead, Technical Lead and Engineering Manager. These are just a few of the team member; the actual list is quite long. Technical Lead is said to play an important role.

Custom Iphone App Development Service In India

weetechsolution 1768 days ago on News

http://www.weetechsolution.com - iPhone is one of the popular medium for application development that gives popularity to your business. iPhone application development services by Weetech solution give you more advanced features and better integration at competitive prices.

Best Android Apps Development Company

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http://www.weetechsolution.com - Are you looking for an app that will improve the productivity of your business? Then come to us, our custom android apps development company provides you multimedia based app that aggregates content and streams it to your users, or even by it, you can connect with customers.

Tizen Application Development

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http://www.weetechsolution.com - Searching for custom Tizen Mobile App Development Company? Then our Weetech Solution’s team comprises wide talents in every aspect of Tizen web application development, coding and designing. Tizen is one of the newest open sources based OS supported by all multiple devices such as smart phones, tablets, net books and more.