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The know-how of Cloud Computing | WeeTech Solution Pvt Ltd

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https://www.weetechsolution.com - Cloud Computing serves more as a source or a platform for sharing information, softwares or resources through a network which is basically Internet.

Cloud Computing does all this by storing the entire information on the physical severs which are well maintained and controlled by a cloud computing provider. All the information stored on cloud with the help of Internet can be accessed by you as a user.

The new Automated Messaging feature of Urban Airship is high on demand

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https://www.weetechsolution.com - Urban Airship has recently introduced new feature which is specially designed by them for the app developers. This feature will enable the developers to deliver right message to the user to at just the right time. Urban Airship has been working hard on developing this feature since a long time and it never fails to support in-app messaging.

The messages which the developers send to the users are sent through Urban Airship’s servers. The new in app automation engine feature introduced by them enables them to conduct the process of detection and messaging within the app itself.

How to get keywords ranked on Google Play

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https://www.weetechsolution.com - The number of apps in this technological era has increased tremendously. With more than 3 million apps in the Google play Store, various options in the apps are now available in the market. This is a benefit for all the users as they have got huge market for the applications from which they get to choose one of their choices, but on the other side it’s a big disadvantage for the app developers.

With so many applications on the run, it’s a challenge for the developers to improve the ranking of their app in the App Store

What differentiates User Experience and User Interface?

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https://www.weetechsolution.com - User Interface and User Experience differs from each other in many different ways. UI includes all the buttons and the icons that are used with the purpose of interacting with the device like screens, visual elements or pages. User Experience on other hand is all about the internal experience that a person gains as they get to interact with all the aspects of a company’s products and services.

Differentiating User Interface from User Experience is extremely important, as UI though a significant part of UX has got its own identity and differs from UX in various elements.

Most Effective Ways to increase your App Conversion Rates

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https://www.weetechsolution.com - Marketing of the app is a difficult job to be done. Major objective behind marketing an app is to make people aware with it and also to increase the number of downloads and conversion rate of the app. And when you have huge traffic in the ecommerce business, then the target of high conversion rates gets even more difficult.

Email marketing for App promotion is a difficult job to be done. Major objective behind marketing an app is to make people aware with it and also to Increase App Conversion rates by using app conversion strategy.

Marketing and User Experience Design Must Work Together

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https://www.weetechsolution.com - The major objective of the User Experience Designers is assuring that the customers who come to them with the need of products or systems and also undergoes a communication with some of their products or systems should be able to avail it all without taking much of their efforts and also without any hassle.
On the other side the Marketers who are responsible for Marketing of the Products or Systems need to communicate the value of same product or systems so as to make users understand and experience that for designing there are designers.

Instagram may soon get video and voice calling

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https://www.weetechsolution.com - Instagram came into the market as a photo sharing app, and has gained sufficient amount of popularity. Instagram stands out to be unique with a very quirky concept and is considered to be a good source of social media marketing.

Instagram is now preparing itself for something very big and is soon launching its very new update. Instagram will soon be giving the options for Audio and Video calling features on its app.

These full stack developer e-book could help you earn six figure

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https://www.weetechsolution.com - Full Stack Developers are called to be the masters of the technological world, as they have gained the expertise and have also got detailed knowledge for all the respective layers of the software development. They have got a lot of capabilities and sufficient amount of knowledge which lets them work with both front-end and also back-end technologies.

Followed by this, they are also capable enough of turning the prototype into a fully functioning product. Full Stack Developers are well versed with all the tricks and techniques of making all this possible.

Top 5 trusted Wearable devices that are the Future of Accessorizing

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https://www.weetechsolution.com - In this high tech world there is a massive rush of technological devices which are helping us to make our life easy and convenient. It happens at time that we are desperately waiting for someone’s call keeping the hold of phones in our hands, but then for some reason we release the phone from our hands and that is exactly when the call arrives on our phone and we miss on it.

In this case to keep a track of our phones even in its physical absence we can do it all with the help of high tech wearables available in the market.

The increasing heat of Amazon’s battle with Google Smart Home Products

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https://www.weetechsolution.com - Amazon recently notified Google that they will no longer be listing any of the smart home products associated with the Nest. As a consequence to this decision of Amazon, Nest decided to withdraw all its products from Amazon. As soon as the existing stock of nest products is sold out there will be no more nest products available for selling on Amazon.

Since Nest was absorbed completely by Google this February, they were expecting a reaction to this decision of theirs’ but somehow the reaction wasn’t as per their expectations from Amazon. Nest stated Amazon that either all the Nest old and

Envkey looks forward to build a secure platform

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https://www.weetechsolution.com - The engineer of the company plays a significant role in protecting the credentials of the company’s data and software. If the engineer leaves the company for any reason, the first step company needs to take up is changing all their credentials keys and also the application components keys. Changing all easier said than done.

At times it gets very difficult to know where all the data has been. Who can get an access to the data. Everything needs to be changed at a massive level which states work needs to be done on large level.

Google servers being used for storage of iCloud data

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https://www.weetechsolution.com - Apple recently announced that all its data is being stored in the Google’s cloud severs. The complete data storage for iCloud Services is done in the Google’s cloud servers. All the files are being stored in the third party storage services.

There is no specified information on which type of iCloud data is stored on Google’s servers. But as per the new document, it can be well stated that Google Cloud reference from the document.