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Kotlin and Swift. Is it a whole new era in Mobile App Development?

weetechsolution on Technology - Kotlin was developed and launched by JetBrains Team, the one who are responsible for producing Android Studio. Kotlin was officially launched in February 2016.

Before introducing Kotlin, JetBrains has worked with Java and they had a requirement of new language which could be compatible with Java as lot of JetBrains codebase was found to be written in Java. JetBrains also tried to use Scala before introducing Kotlin.

Airborne attacks on IoT devices | WeeTech Solution Pvt Ltd

weetechsolution on Technology - Various Internet of Things devices featured with an activation of voice might be subjected to external attacks due to Blueborne Vulnerabilities. With the help of Bluetooth hackers can exploit the BlueBorne so as to mount airborne attack. They will intend to do so inorder to spread malware and to get the access of critical data which will also include confidential personal information.

Before this could impact millions of Amazon Echo and Google Home digital assistant Speakers, Amazon and Google have now become precautious pertaining to this matter.

Online Learning Solution, Custom E-learning Solution

josephinek on Technology

Agriya’s unique e-learning solution is a flexible business-centric online learning solution which can be customized for creating your own e-learning platform.Agriya’s unique e-learning solution is a flexible business-centric online learning solution which can be customized for creating your own e-learning platform.Agriya’s unique e-learning solution is a flexible business-centric online learning solution which can be customized for creating your own e-learning platform.

Best Web Design Company | Website Designing - Amazepixels

Amazeamutha on Technology - Amazepixels is a well traditional Website Designing Company in Chennai has successfully entered into the global market few years back to rule the global marketplace with its extraordinary views throughout the World Wide Web. We have innovative website designers to create new designs for your company using the latest website principles. We concentrate on uniqueness of the design, look of the design should be good and the client has to feel satisfied. Amazepixels web creations is a professional, unique and highly innovative web designing company in Chennai with all the aspects of webpage layout

Web Design and Web Development Company in Chennai, India

Amazeamutha on Technology - Amazepixels is one of the fastest emerging best web design company in Chennai which provides the best services on web designing, web developing and SEO services across various countries.

It had started as a micro level web design and web development company in Chennai on 2011. After the great services on web developing services, successfully reached the level of World Wide Web design and web Development Company.

Dell Printer Customer Care Number - Printer Tech Support Number

Emailsupport on Technology - We offer online Dell Printer support services Canada, If you are facing technical errors with your Printer. We are equipped with a team of the best technicians to provide the cheap and best services in the affordable charges. Our certified technicians are very experienced to help through online remote control assistance and quick solutions. Our techies are very experts to solve all these issues completely, Dial Dell Printer service 1-855-253-4222.

Customer support from Gmail toll free number 1-888-250-5995

Gmailcustmerservic on Technology - If you getting any problem in sending/receiving the emails, in downloading attachments or any other technical issue in Gmail account you can directly speak to Gmail customer support team via Gmail toll free number 1-888-250-5995. The team would be available 24*7. The team of technically certified technicians has great experience in handling technical difficulties which providing appropriate solutions to sorts out all Gmail issues.

How to use Google maps offline | WeeTech Solution Pvt Ltd

weetechsolution on Technology - Many of us are not aware with one of the features of Google Maps accessible in Android and iOS which is saving the maps for offline use. Yes, it is possible to get Google Maps offline which is highly beneficial when you are in need of the directions and when you do not have internet available.
Offline Maps have got the facility of viewing, panning and zooming but can be used to get the directions. You need to save the map when you have WIFI connection which can then be used offline when on the road.

5 Pro Tips for Salesforce Developers - Solunusinc

huldaechave on Technology - 5 Pro Tips for Salesforce Developers

I’m lucky to work in the Salesforce Success Cloud because I get to meet a lot of dynamic people interested in finding unexpected paths to success. Dev teams, in particular, are a lot of fun to work with because they’re always looking for new ways to innovate. We get so many questions from developers that we thought we should share our top five pro tips for developers who are innovating on Salesforce. Check out the list below for some great ideas from the folks here at Salesforce Success Cloud that will help you transform the way your team gets things do

Apple’s iOS App Store adds weekend deals to boost app downloads

weetechsolution on Technology - Apple warmly welcomed iOS 11 accompanied with modified iOS App store. This modification also introduced one of the most amazing features of Apple which is ‘This Weekend Only’.

Apple now is laying more focus on the editorial content, lists, interviews, how to roundups with the app recommendations also including the articles. Apple has also modified the app store further by showcasing the list of deals inside the apps in contrast to the app itself.

Amazon Web Services EC2 - Simple Cloud Hosting?

weetechsolution on Technology - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) serves with the scalable computing capacity in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Designed with the purpose of making web-scale cloud computing easier for the developers, it ensures to provide secure, resizable computing capacity in the cloud.

Usage of Amazon EC2 will eliminate your need of investing in the hardware up front and will also help you to develop and deploy your applications quickly.

Facebook launches collaborative Stories for Groups and Events

weetechsolution on Technology - On one end the story feature of the Snapchat was being appreciated by a lot of people and on the other end Facebook was undergoing the planning of introducing something similar but with its own uniqueness. Finally Facebook somehow managed to launch the Stories Feature on its app too which works exactly the same like snapchat does.

Facebook launched the Stories Features on Instagram, Whatsapp and even Messenger. The more people get, the more they demand. The social media giants now are demanding a platform where they can share their stories across various platforms and different apps.