TOP 7 Best Steel Bathtubs Of 2024
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our rating of the best manufacturers of steel enameled bathtubs in 2024 in terms of quality and price, based on reviews from sellers and buyers of our shopping complex

Steel bathtubs, despite competition from cast iron and acrylic ones, are in steady demand in the plumbing market. Steel bathtubs began to be produced a very long time ago. During this time, having identified their strengths and weaknesses, manufacturers eliminated the shortcomings, modernized the forms, and improved the technology. All this together has increased the demand for enameled steel bathtubs, which are distinguished by their low cost, low weight, high strength and durability. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our rating of the best manufacturers of steel enameled bathtubs in 2024 in terms of quality and price, based on reviews from sellers and buyers of our shopping complex, as well as professional experts.

1. Roca

The Spanish manufacturer, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2029, is one of the “old-timers” in the plumbing market. The company specializes in the production of bathtubs and heating radiators, as well as furniture and accessories for the bathroom.


  • Highest quality materials.

  • Long service life.

  • Variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Affordable prices.

  • Easy to install and operate.


  • According to advanced designers, the design is laconic and modest (which for some may be an advantage).


A well-known domestic company, created on the basis of one of the oldest in Russia, the Verkh-Isetsky metallurgical plant. Since 2008, it has been part of one of the world's largest metallurgical holdings - the NLMK group. Specializes in the production of steel bathtubs and kitchen sinks, as well as enamel cookware. Steel bathtubs are produced under the brands Donna Vanna, Antika, Reimar and Tevro.


  • High reliability.

  • Noise-absorbing plates.

  • Stable legs.

  • Excellent quality.

  • Anti-slip coating.

  • Moderate cost.

  • Variety of shapes and sizes.


  • Not detected.

3. Bette

The German company Bette, founded in 1952, specializes in the production of steel bathtubs, sinks and shower trays, as well as bathroom furniture and accessories. Our own technological feature is the use of real titanium glazed steel for the manufacture of products, making the products extremely durable.


  • Laconic design.

  • Exceptional durability.

  • Excellent quality materials.

  • Highest strength.

  • Excellent performance characteristics.


  • High price.

4. BLB

A Portuguese manufacturer that has proven itself well in the international plumbing market. The main specialization is the production of steel bathtubs, washbasins, shower trays and sinks.


  • Thickened walls.

  • High quality.

  • First class materials.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance.

  • Withstands heavy loads.

  • Wide selection of sizes and colors.

  • Excellent sound insulation due to special plates.


  • Not detected.

5. Kaldewei

The famous German brand, which has existed since 1918, has crossed the 100-year mark of its history. The main feature of the company is the production of its own unique Kaldewei steel enamel.


  • Impeccable quality.

  • Variety of colors and models.

  • Unique steel-enamel of the highest quality.

  • Excellent anti-slip coating.

  • Increased strength.


  • Not detected.

6. White Wave

Under the White Wave brand, steel bathtubs and shower trays are produced by the Kazakh company Santekhprom LLP, created in 2000 on the basis of the Karaganda heating equipment plant, which has undergone repeated modernizations and changes of owners since the times of the USSR. The company's production keeps up with the times and is distinguished by the use of European high-tech equipment and compliance with all international standards.


  • Optimal price-quality ratio.

  • Light weight of products.

  • Wide range of models.

  • Elegant and durable enamel finish.


  • Susceptibility to scratches.

  • Noisy filling with water.

7. Estap

This Slovak manufacturer, which has been producing bathtubs since 1993, has focused on the uniqueness of its products. The main specialization of the company is the production of enameled steel bathtubs and shower trays.


  • Acceptable prices.

  • High quality.

  • Durable enamel coating.

  • Its own special feature is LED backlighting.

  • Stylish design.


  • There are not very stable models.

A steel bathtub is a great option for those who want to get rid of an old, heavy cast-iron bathtub and don’t want to buy a fragile acrylic one. It certainly has its downsides, but far fewer than its upsides. We hope that our rating of manufacturers of the best steel bathtubs in terms of price and quality in 2024, which is based on reviews from buyers and sellers of the Vit Handyman shopping center, as well as professional plumbing specialists, will help you approach the choice of a bathtub fully equipped. Come to us for a bath !