Elevate Your Events and Daily Treats with Foundry Bakehouse and Deli
Discover the charm and culinary excellence of Foundry Bakehouse, Albion's premier destination for delectable baked goods and gourmet delights. Our bakery and deli offer an array of handcrafted pastries, custom cakes, and savory sandwiches, all made with the finest ingredients and a passion for perfection.

Planning an event in Albion? Let Foundry Bakehouse and Deli handle all your catering needs with our top-notch bakery catering services. From corporate meetings to intimate gatherings, we offer a diverse menu that includes freshly baked bread, gourmet sandwiches, and an array of delectable pastries. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your event is a culinary success, providing beautifully presented and delicious food that will impress your guests and make your occasion memorable.

Start your day with a burst of flavor from our delicious muffins in Albion. At Foundry Bakehouse and Deli, we bake our muffins fresh every morning using the finest ingredients. Choose from a variety of flavors, including blueberry, chocolate chip, and bran, each bursting with its unique taste and texture. Perfect with a cup of our freshly brewed coffee, our muffins are a delightful treat that will brighten your morning and keep you coming back for more.