Unmatched Durability and Versatility with Aerol Casters
Driven by a passion for innovation, Aerol Casters continuously pushes the envelope, introducing cutting-edge features such as shock absorption, swivel locks, and high-performance materials. With a focus on durability, reliability, and performance, Aerol Casters empowers businesses to enhance efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Aerol offers outdoor casters specially designed to endure the challenges of outdoor settings. These robust casters are crafted from sturdy materials and engineered for weather resistance, guaranteeing dependable performance in diverse outdoor applications such as garden carts, marine equipment, and exterior furniture.

Additionally, Aerol presents pneumatic casters specially crafted to provide exceptional shock absorption and padding. Our casters are equipped with pneumatic tires filled with air or foam and offer improved grip and steadiness - ideal for bumpy terrains and uneven surfaces outdoors. From utility carts to lawnmowers, the meticulous design of Aerol's pneumatic casters ensures seamless movement while reducing vibrations, guaranteeing a smoother ride in any outdoor setting.