Pet Food Packaging Market 2023– Covering Major Players, Business Status and Forecast 2030
Pet Food Packaging Market Research Report Information By Material Type (Paper and Paperboard, Plastic, Metal), By Food Type (Dry Food, Wet Food, Others)

Global Pet Food Packaging Market   - Overview

The market for pet food packaging is induced by the change of lifestyle of people across the globe along with increased spending. With the change in lifestyle, the pet adoption rate has gone up which further fuels the demand for quality pet food. The owners are spending more on their pets to provide them with quality packaged food to ensure a healthy and nutritious meal for their pets. Furthermore, the increased competition in the pet food market is also driving the market for packaging in the same sector.  

More than the design elements of the packaging, consumers are putting more emphasis on making sure that the products they purchase are produced in an ethical and sustainable manner, and for pet food packaging manufacturers this means the rise of biodegradable and recyclable bags. This enhances the scope of tags and labels market in the industry.

The market has also seen developments and investment by manufacturers and Pet Food companies. Resealable bags, clean labels, ethical branding, small packaging, are few of the developments in the Pet Food Packaging Market.

The consumers have become more concerned about the quality of the food that they’re serving their pets along with food freshness has become an important factor for the consumers. As a result, there has been a shift from the traditional multi-walled paper bag towards resealable pet food packaging format. This along with the brand consciousness of the consumers changed the market dynamics.

There has also been an introduction of single serve packs for pets. These are generally purchased as a supplement to traditional, larger packages of pet food. The convenience of single serve packaging makes them an ideal choice for pet owners especially when they leave their pet overnight.

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 Global Pet Food Packaging Market   - Regional Analysis

North America is expected to witness the fast growth of Pet Food as the people in the region are more inclined towards alcoholic beverages. The demand for Pet Food packaging in the region is also expected to be driven, owing to factors such as significant increase in the demand for single-serve and innovative packaging with innovative designs. Therefore, manufacturers are constantly developing packaging materials such as lightweight and zippered closures and single serve packs.

There has been an increase in the number of pet food formats and the focus of consumers has shifted towards nutritious, organic and other unique pet food. This has also induced the demand for sustainable and attractive packaging. There is a rise in demand for therapeutic dog and cat food in Europe because of consumer awareness. With this, there is an increase in demand for labels and tags giving out content information majorly about the ingredients, benefits, and others. Therefore, the increased health awareness for pets has spiked the demand for pet food packaging market in Europe.

Global Pet Food Packaging Market   - Segments

Global Pet Food Packaging Market Share by Region is segmented in to 4 Key dynamics for an easy grasp and enhanced understanding.

Segmentation By Product Type    : Comprises – Bags, Metal Cans, Boxes & Cartons and Others

Segmentation By Food Type :  Comprises – Dry Food, Wet Food, Chilled & Frozen food and Pet treats

Segmentation By Animal Type      :  Comprises – Dog food, Cat food, Fish food and Others

Segmentation By Regions         : Comprises Geographical regions - North America, Europe, APAC and Rest of the World

Global Pet Food Packaging Market   - Competitive Analysis

There has been various changes in the way pet food is packaged and sold. Due to the increased popularity, the packaging companies such as Amcor Limited, Mondi PLC, Sonoco Products Company Resources Inc., InterFlex Group, Constantia Flexibles GmbH and others invest heavily in the aesthetic values, material and unique price points.

The Honest Kitchen has received an Innovation Award from Petfood 2.0 for its advanced sustainable packaging which is recyclable and made from post-consumer material. The company has partnered with Bulldog Drummond, as well as with the artist Natalya Zahn, to create its new look.The new packaging design for the human grade pet food depicts whole-food ingredients and shadowed versions of actual employees' pets.

In November 2017, Petcurean partnered with Tetra Pak to introduce cartons as an innovative and sustainable packaging option. The brand has expanded its NOW FRESH product line with stew and pâté recipes for dogs and cats, made with 100% fresh wild salmon, turkey or pork in nutrient-rich turkey bone broth.

Simmons Pet Food is expected to increase its capacity for flexible production and packaging of wet pet food products. The company invested USD 38 million to increase operations by 200,000 square feet.

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