Introduction to the method of aluminumalloy die casting to solve casting porosity
Method to solve casting porosity

Introduction to the method of aluminumalloy die casting to solve casting porosity

Method to solve casting porosity


First analyze the reasons for the formationof stomata, and then take corresponding measures.


(1) Choose dry and clean alloy materials.


(2) Do not overheat or degas the melt undercontrol.


(3) Reasonably choose the die casting process parameters,especially the injection speed. The starting point for speed-regulating high-speedmachining.


(4) Sequential filling helps to dischargethe cavity gas. Pouring I: 1, and the runner has sufficient length. It shouldbe 50 ram, which is conducive to the smooth flow of alloy liquid and gasdischarge.


The thickness and direction of I:1 can bechanged, and overflow grooves and exhaust grooves are set at the holes. The sumof the cross-sectional area of ​​the overflow product is not less than 60% ofthe sum of the cross-sectional area of ​​the gate part, otherwise the slagdischarge effect will be poor.


(5) Choose good performance paint and sprayvolume control.


Choose the right die casting machine




Die-casting machine is the key equipmentfor die-casting production, and its performance objectively determines thequality of die-casting parts. The correct choice of die-casting machine isessential to ensure product quality, improve production efficiency and reduceproduction costs. The performance of the die casting machine depends on twoaspects.


Sufficient clamping force: to prevent theflow pressure of the molten metal from reaching high peaks, and to preventflashing and flying materials.


Sufficient injection capacity: to ensurethat the stand casting process will notcause overheating or a large amount of overflow of the mold, and at the sametime ensure that the machine has enough capacity to transport enough moltenmetal and fill the cavity as required to accelerate the speed in a short time.


Design of Die Casting Mould Runner


Because the zinc alloy must fill the cavityin a short time, the design and manufacturing of the die-casting mold and itsrunner system are much higher than that of the plastic mold.


The runner system guides the metal solutionto fill the cavity in some way. It plays an important role in the flowdirection of the metal liquid, pressure transmission, filling time, exhaustconditions and mold temperature distribution.


It is also an important factor thatdetermines the quality of die castings.


The design principle of the die-casting mold runnersystem should be summarized from the gooseneck to the gate to avoid sharpcorners, and the runner surface should be smooth to reduce resistance andmaintain the flow rate of the liquid zinc alloy.
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