Is It Easy To Apply For A Schengen Visa For The Second Time?
Is It Easy To Apply For A Schengen Visa For The Second Time? To reduce the chances of visa rejection, you must be vigilant and provide documents that meet visa requirements.

Obtaining a visa, whether, for the first time or second time, hardships cannot be measured. Sometimes an applicant needs help in the first trial, while they obtain a visa quickly in the second turn. However, we hear rumors that the rejection of a visa for the first time also impacts the second trial. Even if you could not get visa approval for the first time, you must learn from it and avoid mistakes to make the second trial easier. 


To reduce the chances of visa rejection, you must be vigilant and provide documents that meet visa requirements. Every time the visa is not rejected because of the documents. Sometimes it can also be rejected if you miss submitting documents, for instance, dummy flight tickets for Schengen visa, etc. 

Factors That Reduce Visa Rejection Chances 

You will learn about the following:


Reasons that reject/delay visa processing

How to avoid them?

How do we know if the documents submitted are enough for the visa application? 

Brief Guide About Visa Processing 

This blog is for applicants who have faced rejections in the first trial or are still struggling to obtain a visa. Continue reading, learning, and compiling the documents accordingly. 

Reasons That Reject/Delay Visa Processing

1. When we hear the news of visa rejection, the first thing that hits our mind is documents might need to be submitted correctly. However, several factors become the reason for visa rejection.

No doubt that documents are an essential part of the visa application. But sometimes, the visa is rejected not because of the documents but because they have been submitted in the wrong format. For this reason, we stress that when you submit documents for visa processing, look for the document submission requirement.


2. If documents are not the reason for visa rejection, it could be flight tickets. When you submit your visa application, the dummy flight tickets for Schengen visa are mandatory to be submitted along with it. Due to a lack of knowledge or false information, applicants skip submitting dummy documents, resulting in visa rejection or delay.


3. If the above two mentioned reasons are not the reason for visa rejection, then the applicant might not have appeared for the interview confidently. Before visa approval, applicants have to appear for an interview. Currently, the applicant has to prove his capabilities and convince the visa officer for a visa granting. Failure to do so results in visa rejection.

How To Avoid Them?

The best way to avoid mistakes that land you into trouble is to have good research. Do not rely on other people’s words. Make sure you submit all the documents, before final submission, recheck them and do not delay making reservations for dummy hotel booking or tickets etc. 


We suggest applicants make flight reservations from affordable, easy-to-use websites like Schengen Flight Reservation Visa. It offers a user-friendly interface that guides the applicant to the next step and delivers dummy flight tickets for Schengen visa without any hustle.

Required Documents For The Visa Application 

To make sure that you have submitted the correct documents, tally your documents with the list mentioned below: 


Valid Passport

Recent Photographs

Visa Application Form and Payment Receipt

National Identity Card

Dummy Hotel Booking

Proof of travel insurance

Cover Letter

Dummy flight tickets and

NOC Letter.