The Studio was established in 1965 and today ranks as one of the most respected professional actor training programs in America. Acting classes at our NY studio are based on the work of Sanford Meisner and William Esper.

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The William Esper Studio was established in 1965 and today ranks as one of the most respected professional actor training studios in America. The Studio is dedicated to the work of Sanford Meisner and William Esper and the proposition that acting is a creative art and true excellence in its practice may only be achieved through total mastery of technical craft.

Founded by legendary acting teacher William Esper, the Studio has trained a large number of accomplished professional actors who are active in Film, Television and Theatre. Also contributing to this reputation is a passionate, involved student body and a faculty of dedicated master teachers. All the work at the Studio is based on William Esper’s 17-year association with Sanford Meisner, with whom he worked in close collaboration as both a teacher and director. In 1977 Mr. Esper founded the MFA and BFA Professional Actor Training Programs at Rutgers University, which, under his leadership became one of America’s most respected Conservatories.

The William Esper Studio is recognized as a vocational school by the United States Department of Homeland Security/Immigration and Customs Enforcement. As such, the Esper Studio is able to provide M-1 visas to qualified applicants from other countries. The Studio offers Full- and Part-Time Programs, as well as a 6-week Summer Intensive running from mid-June to the end of July.

The Studio makes every effort to maintain a continuity of training while accommodating the scheduling needs of professionals who are auditioning and performing. Our flexible class schedule allows you to create an individual program for yourself. Take the Meisner-based acting technique alone, or add supplementary classes, such as Voice & Speech, Movement, Alexander, Auditioning, and Acting On-Camera, up to the full-time conservatory program.

The Studio is open to all who have a serious desire to master a dependable professional craft. Students must be capable of working with a distinguished group of dedicated teachers who expect their classes to strive for the highest artistic standards.

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