Several homeowners are planning to opt for solar to make savings and contribute their bit to the environment. Investing in solar for home is a wise decision, as it pays for itself in the long run and adds to the value of your property. Installing solar panels on your house roof is the best way to start creating a ‘GREEN’ future and save huge on energy costs.

Growing demand and installation of solar systems have led to reductionof installation prices of solar system. Therefore, homeowners can benefit from thissituation and can consider solar panel installation. To harness the power of solarfor home and to get the best ROI from residential solar, you should takeinto consideration below mentioned pointers:

1.      Location

To consider theinstallation of solar for home, you need to, first of all, evaluate theviability of your property. The amount of sunlight your roof receives would bethe deciding factor as to how much a solar system would generate solar power ondaily basis.

2.      RoofMaterial & Layout/orientation

One of thebest things about solar panels is their durability factor. Your roof needs tobe in excellent condition for solar panel installation. Therefore, it isimportant to consider certain aspects of roof such as its layout, materialsused, available roof space, and direction.


3.      DifferentTypes of Solar System
3.1 Off-grid System

Before youchoose to install PV solar system for your residential property, you should bedetermined whether you want to go for an off-grid or on-grid system. Your homelocation will be a major deciding factor in it.


3.2  On-gridSystem

Installing a grid-connectedsolar system is beneficial for homeowners who have high power requirements onregular basis. This type of solar system generates solar energy when the utilitypower grid is available and is connected to the utility feed. Excess power issent back to the grid and the house owner is paid credit for this unusedenergy.


3.3 HybridSystem

Hybrid solar systemscome equipped with a utility backup which stores solar power and also has thecapability to feedback excess electricity into main grid. The best thing aboutthis system is that it works properly even where there is a power-cut.


4.     Solar Rebates & TaxCredits

Theincreasing affordability of solar panels is due to the easy availability ofsolar rebates and tax credits. Apart from reducing your utility bills, solar PVsystems also offer benefits of solar rebates and credits which ultimately reducethe upfront cost of solar installation. It is suggested to know about yourstate and federal options to gain a better idea regarding how much you can savewhen going solar.


5.     Higher Returns/Smart Investment Investing in solarpromises you great return on investment as it lowers your utility bills andhelps you save money. Therefore, you can consider solar system installation onyour house roof and can benefit from solar rebates and tax benefits.


6.     Solve Environmental Concerns

Growing concern forenvironmental issues is one obvious reason which has given rise to the demand forsolar for home. Solar panels help inreducing carbon emissions thereby helping us to create a GREEN future. Investingin a solar PV system also shows your commitment towards protecting theenvironment. It can be said that switching to solar will also help in reducingthe use of fossil fuels for energy generation.


7.       Increased PropertyValue

Apart from loweringcarbon footprint and utility bills, solar power systems also add to the resalevalue of your residential property. As per research by National Bureau ofEconomic Research, it has been found that on average solar panels increaseproperty value by 3 to 4%.


8.       Solar Energy is available for LongPeriod

Fossil fuels are goingto get depleted soon, but with solar energy, you don’t have to worry about itsdepletion as solar power is here to stay for years. Solar panels require minimalamount of solar energy to power a house. With solar power, you get energysecurity for years to come.


Therefore, byconsidering the above vital factors you can be confident of installing solar for home and reap maximum benefitsfrom it.