Himalayan Honey: How Pure and Potent Is It?
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Himalayan honey is considered an ancient elixir that comes right from the nectar of flowers and organic honey bee hives in the lush green forests. It’s an organic sweetener that comes with multiple health benefits without causing any side effects. Organic Himalayan honey has also been widely used in ancient medicine for decades. The gigantic Himalayan honey bees are also different from other honey bees and collect honey from exotic plants, herbs, and flowers. The Himalayan honey contains an incredible neurotoxin known as grayanotoxin that has various health benefits. That’s why Himalayan wild organic honey has become a big rage among food lovers and connoisseurs. To fulfill the requirement, Earthy Tales offers the purest and rawest forest honey online in India.

What Exactly is Himalayan Honey?

The Himalayan honey is the rarest and purest honey and usually has a dark amber color. It’s mostly derived from the lush green forests of Jim Corbett National Park and others in the Himalayan region. The honey is procured from organic honey bee hives and offers unfiltered purity without any additives or chemicals. The honey is mostly harvested in April and May all across the Himalayan region. The honey contains the pure nectar of multiple plants, wildflowers, and herbs and is highly rich in natural antioxidants.

What Are The Attributes Of Himalayan Honey?

Himalayan honey outweighs regular honey in multiple ways.

  • It has exceptional healing properties that normal adulterated honey doesn’t have. The normal honey available on the market is nothing short of a sugar syrup prepared with artificial sugar, chemicals, and preservatives.
  • Himalayan honey has multiple organic antioxidants that prove highly beneficial for health.
  • It is an excellent and pure source of sweetener without any added artificial sugar or additives.
  • Himalayan honey has impeccable power to boost the immune system as well as digestion to a great extent. Regular intake can amplify your digestion and immunity tenfold.
  • The honey is extracted from natural honeycombs to retain all its enzymes, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Due to the diverse and rich flora of the Himalayan region, the Himalayan honey has a distinct and superbly rich flavor to elevate your experience and overall wellness.

What Are The Benefits Of Himalayan Wild Organic Honey?

No doubt, Himalayan wild organic honey is loaded with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and many more nutritious ingredients. That’s why it is quite popular among people from all walks of life. Due to its pool of advantages, it’s important to know the physical and mental health benefits.

Know The Physical Health Benefits Of Himalayan Wild Organic Honey.

  • It has various medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties. The purest honey contains a myriad of minerals, such as zinc, selenium, iron, and vitamins B6, B3, B1, B2, and B5. Along with that, it also contains vitamin C to boost your overall physical health.
  • The Himalayan honey has hydrogen peroxide, which stops the growth of bacteria and works as an antiseptic for all your injuries and wounds.
  • The Himalayan honey is such a pure and golden elixir that it cures a variety of digestive problems, including indigestion, constipation, etc. The honey also cures bloating to a great extent.
  • Since it has anti-bacterial properties and attributes, it can soothe a sore throat, irritation, and cough.
  • Honey is also effective in reducing the inflammation in the body caused by anything.
  • The Himalayan wild organic honey has natural antioxidants that give incredible strength to your body and help build a natural shield in your body to fight against deadly diseases or infections.
  • It is also an extremely rich source of carbohydrates that help to inject energy into your body. Hence, one can also take it post-workout along with some protein-rich meals.
  • Himalayan honey is also capable enough to amplify the libido and men’s health.

Know The Mental Health Benefits Of Himalayan Organic Wild Honey.

  • The Himalayan honey has a unique neurotoxin known as grayanotoxin that helps to calm down your mind and gives instant relief from burning sensations.
  • The honey acts as an organic tranquilizer to improve your sleeping cycle to a great extent.
  • The Himalayan honey also gives your body a peaceful euphoria that further rejuvenates your mind and soul.
  • The regular intake of Himalayan honey can also amplify your creativity, imaginative power, and visual skills.

Apart from that, Himalayan wild organic honey also promotes health and glowy skin. It has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that minimize the puffiness under your eyes and face bloating to a great extent. If it’s applied to facial skin regularly, it can bring a natural glow to your skin without any side effects.

Where Can You Buy Raw Forest Honey Online In India?

It’s not easy to get the purest Himalayan wild organic honey online or offline. Many suppliers and fraudulent brands sell normal, adulterated honey in the name of Himalayan honey to fool customers. Hence, it’s important to purchase 100% pure Himalayan honey from authentic brands. Earthy Tales, a leading organic food store, brings 100% natural raw forest honey online in India in a premium jar right from the Himalayan forests. The honey is so pure that it doesn’t have a dash of chemicals or additives. It comes in a 500-gram bottle that needs to be kept in a cold and dark place.

The best part is that Earthy Tales practices ethical and organic farming followed by sustainable beekeeping practices to protect natural habitats and ecological balance. The honey is procured with the help of local forest beekeepers, who strictly adhere to ethical and sustainable bee practices.

Along with that, Earthy Tales is also committed to spreading organic farming and food to protect the environment and everyone’s health without leaving any stone unturned. Hence, it has collaborated with various farmers and promoted organic farming to spread organic food in every Indian household. All you need to do is visit the online store to place an order and get it delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours.

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