Aluminum alloy die-casting products aremainly used in electronics, cars, motors, and some communication industries. Ofcourse, the primary use is still in the parts of some equipment. So what shouldwe pay attention to in the die-casting of aluminum alloy?

What should I pay attention to in the diecasting of aluminum alloy?

Aluminum alloy die-casting products aremainly used in electronics, cars, motors, and some communication industries. Ofcourse, the primary use is still in the parts of some equipment. So what shouldwe pay attention to in the die-casting of aluminum alloy?


1. Consider the issue of demolding,


2. Considering the wall thickness of aluminumalloy die-casting, too much thickness will affect the filling


3. In the structure, try to avoid the appearanceof the structure that causes the mold structure to be messy, and have to usemultiple core pulling or spiral core pulling


4. The appearance of some die castings mayhave special requirements, such as oil injection


5. Consider the mold problem whendesigning. Assuming there are multiple orientations of core-pulling positions,try to put both ends, preferably not in the lower position of the core-pulling,so that the aluminum alloy die-casting will cause problems with thecore-pulling.


Pay special attention to the followingpoints in the use of aluminumalloy die-casting molds:


1. It is very troublesome to organize theparting surface of the mold, and it is also very simple to ignore. Assumingthat the boss has a high starting point and buys a good mold, then the job ismuch easier. If the quality of the mold is not good, it is produced. It isinevitable that there will be flashes or dirt on the parting surface of themold. The operator should always tidy up these parts and equip a small spatulaat any time.


Assuming that the flash is not removed intime, the parting surface of the mold is simply collapsed, and the aluminum isformed in the production process. Once this result is formed, no matter howgood a mold repair expert you are, the possibility of complete repair is verysmall. Yes, it's not that they don't have the skills.




The emergence of the achievements made byrunning aluminum not only increases the cost of die-casting, wastes thealuminum in vain, and the product quality is also unstable, especially theinternal quality. It also increases the difficulty of confirming the processparameters, and the pass rate will drop a lot. From safety considerations,Increased the chance of work-related injuries.


During the shift, the operator thoroughlycleans the parting surface of the mold with kerosene, which not only preventsthe mold from being crushed, but also after cleaning, the mold can be blockedby the residue of the release agent or other dirt. The exhaust groove isopened, which is conducive to the discharge of the gas in the cavity during theinjection process to advance the product quality. It is advisable for a team toclean the parting surface twice. Let employees develop an outstanding habit.


2. When each team takes over, checkcarefully according to the "Mold Check List" of our company, andsolve the problems in time to avoid unnecessary troubles for themselves.


3. Application of mold cooling system. Whenthe mold cooling water is used correctly, it not only extends the service lifeof the mold, but also improves themetal machining efficiency. In actual production, we often neglect itsimportance. The operators also try to save energy. If it is too troublesome toconnect and connect, they will not connect the cooling water pipe. Somecompanies even save the cost when customizing the mold. Cooling water thenconstitutes a very serious result.


The material of the mold is generally madeof special mold steel through various treatments, and even the best mold steelhas its limits of use, such as temperature. When the mold is in use, assumingthat the mold temperature is too high, it is very simple that tortoise cracksappear on the surface of the mold core early, and some molds even have largeareas of tortoise cracks before they exceed 2000 times.


Even during the production of the mold, thecolor of the mold core changed because the mold temperature was too high. Aftermeasurement, it even reached more than 400 degrees. When this temperature isquenched by the release agent, it is very easy to crack, and the product isproduced. It is also briefly deformed, strained, sticky and other conditionsappear.


Under the condition of using mold coolingwater, the use of mold release agent can be greatly reduced, so that theoperator will not use mold release agent to lower the temperature of the mold.The advantage is that it can effectively extend the life of the mold, save thedie-casting cycle, improve the quality of the product, reduce the occurrence ofmold sticking, strain and aluminum sticking, and reduce the use of mold releaseagents. It can also reduce the loss of ejector pins and cores due tooverheating of the mold.


4. It is necessary to preheat the moldduring the initial production machiningto avoid the occurrence of turtle cracks when the cold mold suddenly encountershot molten metal. The messy mold can use blowtorch and liquefied gas, and theconditions are good. For the mold temperature machine, the simpler mold can bepreheated by slow injection.


5. Assuming that the mold is equipped withneutron control, be careful to prevent the signal line between the die castingmachine and the mold from being connected. The reason is very clear. In dailyproduction, it is difficult to avoid water on the signal line, which may becaused by the joints. The local is simply broken.


Then the composition is short-circuitedwith the machine tool. If a signal error is formed, it will alarm andproactively stop and delay the time, or the signal will be disordered and themold will be broken. Constitute unnecessary discards. Pay attention to thewaterproof of the travel switch.

The design principle of the die-casting mold runnersystem should be summarized from the gooseneck to the gate to avoid sharp corners,and the runner surface should be smooth to reduce resistance and maintain theflow rate of the liquid zinc alloy.
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