Best Blood Pressure Monitor and BP Machines in India | WikiSheets
People with high blood pressure are at a higher risk if infected with coronavirus. Compare & buy top Blood Pressure Monitors to check your blood pressure at home.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor and BP Machines in India | WikiSheets

Blood Pressure Monitors are widely available in the Indian market today. During the time of COVID-19 Pandemic, it is difficult to go out like before. Thus having an efficient blood pressure monitor makes it convenient to check blood pressure at home without having to visit a clinic or doctor. Some of the best BP machines in India for health are Omron-HEM (different versions), Beurer BM (different versions), etc. 

The coronavirus pandemic has also brought with it a lot of stress in the minds of people, thus affecting their health. Thus having a home blood pressure monitor is useful as people can remain informed about their health. 

Types of BP Monitors:

Finger Blood Pressure Monitor : This is an automated device which has to be attached to the finger to get the BP reading. 

Upper Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor: They have been used by many at home and clinics since some time. They are preferred by some people as the monitor comes at the same level as the heart. 

Wrist Mount Blood Pressure Monitor: They are preferred by people looking for portable devices. They are easy to carry while traveling but you need to follow some guidelines while using them to get an accurate reading. 


Deciding The Best Blood Pressure Machine for Home

Clinically Validated: Always go for a clinically validated BP Machine as it is safer. It has already been tested for accuracy. 

Right Size: Even the most reliable BP Monitor should fit you well else the readings could be false. Always check the size and fit of it. 

Price: BP monitor prices vary from brand to brand. You can check your budget and buy one accordingly. 

Portability: There are many portable devices in the market that are more convenient to use and less bulky than others. 

Warranty: Check for the warranty of the product. 


You could always speak to your doctor regarding your decision to buy an accurate BP machine for home. They might also be able to guide you to the best blood pressure monitor machine. While having a BP machine is convenient, be sure to keep a few things in mind before taking a reading: 

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