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SunEdison is the best solar company in India that offers distributes solar energy across residential, commercial/industrial, rural segments and other emerging technologies

SunEdison is the best solar company in India that offers distributes solar energy across residential, commercial/industrial, rural segments, and other emerging technologies. Choosing solar energy for your home ensures the reduction of emission of greenhouse gases, a significant lowering of your monthly electricity bills, and a greater ROI of 25-30%. With easy EMI options, earn up to Rs.30,000 per year for every lakh you invest in our solar panels!

SunEdison is the top solar installation company and a leading innovative and personalized solar energy solutions provider. It provides solar power to residential and commercial complexes and businesses in urban cities & rural towns across the country. With 20+ years of experience and expertise in the solar pv industry, SunEdison is a specialist in design, execution, installation and maintenance of solar power systems. Whether it is a commercial complex or your personal living space, we provide high-quality and sustainable solar power plants. SunEdison envisions a future, where renewable energy is an affordable solution to sustainable living and creating an affordable uninterrupted supply of alternative energy is our contribution to a greener planet.

Apart from saving big on electricity bills, be at the forefront to promote sustainability by harnessing the sun and bring a significant change in the fight against climate change by advocating clean, green energy. With a specialized and customized approach to rooftop solar, SunEdison Infrastructure strives to build a greener and sustainable planet for our future generations. Solar panel installation made easier with SunEdison Infrastructure company.

As more homeowners realize the negative environmental impact of fossil fuels, solar power is starting to rule the roost as a sustainable energy source.

SunEdison is on hand to help you by effectively converting your rooftop into a solar power plant. With one time investment and our experienced team on hand, you can expect to drastically reduce your energy bills while playing a significant role in reducing the environment’s carbon footprints. Yes, You are right. This will last for more than 25 years with no fuel cost and very little maintenance.

With years of experience in solar and distributed energy, we are pioneers in India’s solar power revolution. With innovative ideas and products to match, our team is committed to providing dynamic solutions to meet all your specifications. We are just a phone call away!

    We have a cost-conscious team of industry experts with the best know-how to design and implement any type of project to fetch maximum returns for the customer

    Innovation, experience, and cost, with all this to our credit, why would you look elsewhere

Commercial Solar System

With little maintenance, excellent Return on Investment, and the added advantage of utilizing your unused rooftop, what more could you ask for? The opportunity to create a positive impact on the environment is something a lot of businesses are interested in. SunEdison has helped several Commercial, Industrial and institutional customers implement renewable energy solutions. We were the first to install rooftop solar for the Malaysian Airport.

SunEdison’s Vantage

We have more than a decade of experience and are the leader of innovations with many firsts to our names such as the 1st Airport rooftop and 1st canal rooftop. We have a cost-conscious team of industry experts, to design and implement any type of project, with the aim to fetch maximum returns for the customer.